What’s your Lockdown story?

At a recent networking event, I heard someone explain what their company did and didn’t do during lockdown.  This started us thinking as to what we did and didn’t do at WCL over that period and we would like to share these with you.

3 things we did do:

  • Called (rather than e-mailed) clients regularly to check on how they were getting on to see if we could help in any way;
  • Assisted clients with CBILS and BBL applications without charging any extra fees for our time;
  • Where the volume of financial transactions going through their business dropped, we spent time helping them on other services such as cashflow management, without charging.

3 things we didn’t do:

  • Did not charge for the additional time involved in calculating and processing furlough claims;
  • Did not try to upsell our services;
  • Did not shut the “office” thus allowing continuation of service, albeit remotely.

We took the view that we were all in this together and if, in any way, we could assist clients to come through the other side, then we would all win in the end.  Some clients are now rushed off their feet with new orders and are genuinely grateful for the pragmatic and sympathetic approach that we took a few months ago.

If you feel that you would benefit from working with an accountancy firm who is genuinely client focussed, then please feel free to contract us at [email protected] or call on 01225 585756.