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Robust commercial support with WCL’s business law service

When you’re running a business, you become very aware of the responsibilities thrust upon you, the opportunities available, and the risks posed.

We all follow our instincts to some extent, but you’ll reach a point when you want more legal comfort than you yourself can provide. This could be when you start employing people, rewriting your terms and conditions, or perhaps when preparing for something really big like a merger.

For most businesses, employing an in-house legal counsel will not be an option. But the outsourced business law service from WCL could be the perfect fit. We have years of legal experience which we can deliver to you ad hoc or on a retained monthly contract.

Peace of mind from a provider you can trust

If you have ever had sleepless nights over your business (and who hasn’t?), you will understand that peace of mind is priceless.

It is surprising how often legal help is the answer. That clause in your terms and conditions; the troublesome employee who needs to up their game or go out of the door, the document which manages my relationships with my business partners.

In such circumstances good advice from a trained lawyer can make all the difference. Good advice will help you understand the options open to you and decide on the right course of action. It will help you determine a legally compliant process to follow with your employee that will ensure you do not end up the wrong side of a costly employment tribunal. It will expose the horror clause in the supply agreement that would have sent you under two years down the line.

Whatever is keeping you awake at night, some good legal advice will often help put you in the best shape to deal with it and help you sleep easy.

WCL’s business law service

Our business law service is headed up by Sarah Whittock who qualified as a solicitor in 2004 and has built up a wealth of experience in commercial and employment law. She now delivers her services as a non-practising solicitor. This allows her to help SME companies at an affordable rate. She can be found on the Law Society’s Roll of Solicitors.

Our business law services fall into three categories.

Commercial support

We can advise on areas like:

  • Customer terms and conditions
  • Supplier contracts
  • Due diligence for a sale or merger
  • Drafting shareholder agreements

Company secretary

Privately owned companies are not legally required to appoint a company secretary. However, many of the duties that are performed in this role still need to be carried out.

We can help with these, including:

  • Maintenance of statutory books
  • Drafting of board minutes
  • Drafting of shareholder minutes resolutions
  • Completion and filing of Companies House returns

Employment law

Employment law can be a minefield, so having an expert on your side to ensure you act fairly whilst working in your best interests is essential.

We can provide a full suite of employment law services, including:

  • Employment contracts
  • Senior executive agreements
  • General HR matters such as sickness absence and holiday entitlement
  • Redundancies and restructuring

You can either choose us for one-off projects or on a retained basis depending on your needs.

Talk to us to find out more about our business law services

Whether you need help with commercial matters, company secretary duties or employment law give us a call on 01225 585756 or email us at [email protected] to find out more about our services.

Together we can ascertain where and on what basis we can assist you, to make sure the law works for you not against you.