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Grow your business with expert accounting and commercial support.

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From laying off staff to new parental rights we are here to help guide you through all your employment law needs.

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Grow your business with expert accounting, legal and commercial support.

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Get real time reporting with the new cloud accounting.

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Making Tax Digital is here.
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WCL provides expert accounting and commercial support to growing SMEs.

Working as an extension to your business, our accountants and business law advisers help you take control of your finances, manage compliance and transform your processes. Switching to us is easy and a first step towards business growth.

What we do

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Every business does bookkeeping, but not every business does it well.

Good bookkeeping is the foundation that underpins all your financial information. It empowers you to make better decisions. It helps you claim all your tax deductions. It reduces the risk of HMRC penalties for incorrect filings.

WCL’s professional bookkeeping service delivers all of this. And better still it saves you time to focus on what you do best.

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As a business owner you’ve got people to pay, overheads to cover and a sales pipeline to manage. You need to know your numbers.

Management accounting gives you these figures. It drills down into your business and extracts key information at a granular level.

WCL’s management accounting service gives you the information you need on demand. We ensure you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

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Whether you are taking on your first member of staff or have many employees already getting your payroll right is key to any business. Until you get larger, companies find that it is easier and more cost effective to let us handle their payroll requirements on their behalf.

Increased complexity under RTI means that sadly there are more things to go wrong.

We will happily process your payroll for you, either weekly or monthly, advise you of the amounts to pay and make the necessary filings with HMRC.

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We offer two types of service for year-end depending upon whether you are a sole trader or a limited company.

Sole traders are managed entirely in house by our experienced team, who will calculate your profits for the year, make the necessary filings with HMRC and inform you of the amount of tax that needs to be paid over under the self assessment scheme.

With limited companies, we prepare the majority of the working papers in house and then team up with a local firm to make the necessary filings.

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You need strategic advice and leadership for your finance function, but cannot justify the cost of an in-house appointment.

That’s when an outsourced finance director comes into their own. Outsourcing is far more than being about cost though.

You get a scalable solution. You benefit from the experience of someone who works across a pool of businesses. And you can access their wider team. WCL’s finance director service is a proven route to success.

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From drafting contracts to writing shareholder agreements, employing people to performing the duties of a company secretary; it’s surprising how often you need legal expertise when running a company.

But while the law touches on many parts of your business, many people simply can’t afford to hire an in-house counsel.

WCL’s outsourced business law service will help both protect you and keep you compliant as and when you need it.

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What our clients say

Brad has been a true professional, he has helped us to transform our financial management over the past few years.
Michael Curtis

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