Have you used the right contractual terms for the right customer? Contracts can look very different dependent on who the ultimate customer is. Business to business contracts (B2B) will likely use quite harsh language and look to for example limit liability to maximum levels possible.

Business to consumer contracts (B2C) will look very different, because you have to be mindful of consumer law. Not all B2B clauses can be used in B2C contracts and in fact if you tried to enforce them against a consumer, you won’t get very far. Consumer contracts tend to almost be written like a letter to the client. Explaining how the relationship will work, who to contact if there is an issue, where to obtain further advice etc. Having said that, they still contain important points such as payment terms, the responsibilities of the parties and indeed limitation on liability.

Ensure you review your client base. You may have a mix, in which you will need contracts to cover both.

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