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Contracts should never be entered into on a last-minute basis. You may be desperate to get going because you have just landed your largest client; however, rushing can sometimes force you into signing something you later regret. Wherever possible do not start work without a contract in place.

Even if the client is a large business, review their purchase order terms. Why? So you can a) to make sure there are no nasty surprises, b) analyse the risks of the nasty surprises, and c) work out if there is scope for negotiation, sometimes there is a little wriggle room.

Finally, don’t be put off by the customer claiming that any changes to the contract will mean a referral back to their legal team and further delay. More often than not, the individual you are dealing with will have some scope for minor amendments and can “push them through”. Wholesale changes will mean a referral to the legal team, but it will depend on how important those changes to you are. At this point you can make a business decision about whether to continue or not. If you do continue at least you know what to expect!

Please contact WCL to discuss you contract matters further.