Contracts are either verbally agreed or they are written.

Some people prefer to do deals on a handshake. Sometimes due to timings this is the only way to make the agreement work. This does require a lot of trust. Further if it goes wrong, when you end up in court the arguments will simply centre round “he said/she said”.

If you are in a rush, at least have a written paper trail setting out what the parties have agreed. Emails are of course useful for this. With an email one party can at least set out their view point and ask the other party to respond and agree. We would of course advise where possible that an appropriate contract is entered into!

One thing you should never do is copy a competitors contract just because you are in a hurry. Why? Well references to someone else’s business in your document looks wholly unprofessional and they may just offer things such as a guarantees for work that you do not want to provide!

Please contact WCL to discuss your contract matters further