Of course we would say that wouldn’t we! Yes, but we are often met with the phrase “I wish I had spoken to you first”. You don’t have to spend a fortune on advice. Whoever it is you want to engage with, that professional adviser’s review of your contract can give you great peace of mind.

They can:

  • point out the nasty surprises
  • give you tips to improve your position
  • identify gaps and unintended consequences
  • help give you confidence if you are negotiating with a large plc
  • help you if you haven’t got the time or the patience to read through a contract
  • also back up what you thought the situation to be i.e. you are not going mad.

More often than not, if they can’t help, they know someone that can. We don’t bite – promise 😊

Please contact WCL to discuss your contract needs further.