Think of the contract as a strategic tool to protect your business and manage risk. In our prior blog about negotiating contracts we set out key clauses to include. These are central to managing risk in your business. However, it can also be a positive asset as well. Why not use it is a marketing tool. A contract can show you are professional and in control. Once in operation the client can see how you work, and they are likely to then want to purchase other products or services from you. You can ensure there are references to those other products or services, so the client knows where to look for them. Creating a scope for work can also highlight gaps in what the client requires, an ideal option to up sell! Another opportunity could be at the end of the contract, meet the client to discuss the contract, is there a chance to extend the relationship, is there an opportunity to add in new services? The customer knows you now and is likely to be loyal, so use that relationship.

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