How do you ensure your customer knows they are bound by your contract terms? It is frustrating when someone says they are not subject to the contract because they have never seen it.

The first step is to send a copy of your contract to your customer or certainly tell them where to find them. If you email contracts reference them in the body of your email. If you have a link on your website to the contract, continuously remind the customer of the link to the contracts in your correspondence. Also let the customer know who they can contact to obtain a hard copy.

The next step is evidence that they have accepted the contract. Clear evidence of acceptance of your contract is to have a copy of a signed and dated document.

This is not always possible, so what else can you do? You could ask your customer to email to acknowledge receipt of the contract and that they have understood it. Even better is get them to confirm they accept the contract or have “no issue” with it. Another option is for when you send out a quote include a signature section which states that the customer understands your contract terms and that by signing the letter they agree to be bound by them. Even if they never read them!

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